Wednesday, February 09, 2011


We had a great day at GCC this past week. We ended the service in a time of communion then a baptism and a time of extended prayer for Christy and Hope. Thankful to be a part of a great family...
Here is the setlist...

We are not alone - E (Robbie Seay)
All Creatures – E (Trad.)
Welcome – Mark
Christ is Risen - G (Maher)
Your Grace is Enough – G (Maher)
Offering/Dismiss kids
Fill me up - C (United pursuit band)
Message/Pastoral prayer/Communion – Mark
All creatures - E (vocals off mic)

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Set a fire - A (United Pursuit)
Come Thou Fount - E
Our God - A (Tomlin)
Full Attention - A (Riddle)
Pastoral prayer/Offering/Dismiss kids
Fill me up - C (United Pursuit)
Message/Communion - Mark
Set a fire - A (reprise, vocals off mic)

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Monday, January 24, 2011


Here is the setlist from yesterday. You can find my new blog on GCC's new website here
That where I am - E (Mullins)
Welcome - Mark
Lily of the Valley - G (Ruis)
Set a fire - G (United pursuit band)
Hosanna – G (Baloche)
Pastoral Prayer/Offering/Dismiss Kids - Mark
Jesus Messiah - G (Tomlin)
Video/Message/Communion – Mark
Sacred Brother – D (Delmore)

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We had a really great day musically and people really responded in worship. Check out Ryan Delmore if you haven't had a chance and I have really been liking United Pursuit Band lately...

Here is the set list for this past week @ GCC.

Sacred Brother – D (Delmore)
Welcome - Mark
Cannons – G (Wickham)
Glory to God Forever – A (Fee)
Pastoral prayer/Offering/Dismiss kids - Mark
Clean – D (O'brien)
Message – Mark
Communion -  Mark

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Sunday, January 09, 2011


Another great day at GCC. I sat in the booth this week and ran the media. The guys and girls did an awesome job all around. God has been faithful to this family with lots of talented folks!

Doxology - G (traditional)
I will follow - G (Tomlin)
Agnus Dei - G
Nothing without You - C (Norman)
Message/Communion - Mark
When i survey the wondrous cross - D (Tomlin)

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Thursday, January 06, 2011


Totally different week as far as set up for us. It was just Eric on snare drum and I was on acoustic. We did a lot of very familiar stuff and just keep the set up simple. It was a good change of pace for sure...Here is the set

Better Story - G (Highpoint Memphis)
Open the eyes of my heart - E (Baloche)
Famous One - E (Tomlin)
Communion/Offering/Dismiss Kids
Yahweh - E (McDonald)
Blessed be Your name - E (Redman)
Message/Pastoral Prayer
Christ is Risen - G (Maher)

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We had a slim crowd this past week but no one seemed to mind. Our time together was powerful. Holy Spirit was working. We did a more stripped down set up this week with Kyle on acoustic bass, Chris on pads, Wil on small drum set with no shield, Daniel from out of town on keys, and Daniel and Abby vocaling it up...yes that is a word...I was on the trusty epiphone

How He Loves - C (McMillan)
That where I am, there you - E (Mullins)
Draw me - A (Autumn in Repair)
Glory to God forever - A (Fee)
Message/Communion set up - Mark
Everlasting God - B (Brown)
Holy God - B
Sweetly Broken - B (Riddle)

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Blog will be moving soon to the new GCC website that will launch first week in January...

Monday, December 20, 2010


We had an excellent day at GCC. Over 40 folks in all involved in either music, art, sound, media, lights, etc. Time for a little rest. This post is a part of Sunday setlists...

Mighty to Save (pre-service) - D
We fall down (pre-service) - E

Welcome - Mark

Prayer of thanks for Nancy Kenley (Cancer free) - Shane


Behold the Lamb of God, the true tall tale of the coming of Christ - written by Andrew Peterson, presented by a bunch of GCC folks


Beautiful One
O come all ye faithful

Sunday, December 12, 2010

12.12.10 (Vision Sunday)

Welcome – Mark
Jesus Messiah/Praise the name of Jesus - G (Tomlin/traditional)
Christ is Risen – G (Maher)
Full Attention – A(Riddle)
Vision Sunday message – Mark/Chris
Announce new members – Mark
Pastoral prayer into Communion – Mark
Center/ Christ we do all adore Thee – E (Hall/traditional)
In Christ alone – E

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Monday, December 06, 2010


Welcome/Greeting/Slide Show and Baby Dedication/Pastoral prayer – Mark & Elizabeth 
Hosanna – C (Hillsong)
All who are thirsty - G (Brown)
Mystery - A (Hall)
Communion/Offering/Dismiss kids
King of All – G (Schroeder)
Lead me to the Cross – G
Message – Mark
All who are thirsty (reprise) - G (Brown)

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